Price List for Season 2019

During the season (spring, summer and fall 2019) we pick fresh wild herbs, plants, mushroom and berries, dry them and pack them for sale.
Attn! New products marked in the catalogue with the star symbol! *

Dried products (Includes VAT.)
White clover 20g 5€
Red clover 20g 5€
Raspberry leaves 20g 5€
Lady’s Mantle, leaves and flowers 20g 5€
Nettle: leaves, flowers and seeds 20g-25g 5€
Meadowssweet flowers 20g 5€
Rosebay willowherb: leaves and flowers 20g 5€
Wild strawberry, leaves and berries 20g 5€
Juniper, berries and annual shoot (powder)20g 5€
Spruce’s annual shoot powder 20g 5€
Birch leaves 50g 5€
Yarrow flowers and leaves 10g 5€
Rowan berries and leaves 20g 5€
Lingonberry powder / -crush 100g 9€
Blueberry powder / -crush 100g 9€
Dandelion: leaves, flowers and roots 20g-100g price depends on the parts, processing etc. of the plant

More powders and crushes coming up during the season.

We may also have other products for sale. Feel free to ask if you have the need to a product of this kind. We offer also bigger portions of dandelion, nettle, birch leaves, meadowssweet and rosebay willowherb.

You may also ask about mushrooms. They depend much on the yield. (trumpet chanterelle, chanterelle and other forest mushroom).

Birch sap drinks
The drinks are heat treated to improve their preservability. The fruit and berries are cold pressed to juice, and the plants are added either as an extract or infused to the drinks. One glass bottle is 0,35 l and the ecological birch sap is available also in a 3l box.

The Prices include VAT, without shipping  
Ecological Birch Sap 0,35l 3,90€
Ecological Rhubarb Sap 0,35l 4,90€
Blueberry Sap 0,35l 4,90€
Lingonberry Sap 0,35l 4,90€
Raspberry Sap 0,35l * 4,90€
Sea Buckthorn Sap 0,35l 5,90€
Ecological Nettle Sap 0,35l 5,90€
Crowberry-Arctic Raspberry Sap 0,35l * 7,90€
Cloudberry Sap 0,35l * 7,90€
Other Products  
Spruce drink ‘Kuusenkuiske’ 0,35l * 7,00€
Crowberry jam 100ml * 3,50€
Queen jam 100ml * 3,50€
Dandelion marmalade 100ml * 3,50€

Jams and marmalades are seasonal products.

In the fall time we press, pasteurize and pack (in bottles and bag in boxes 3l) juice of our clients’ own fruit and berries. The minimum proportion in pressing berries is 50kg and fruits 100kg.

The prices include VAT 24%.  
Pressing: apple, pear and carrots 1,00€/kg
Pressing: frozen berries 1,50€/kg
Pasteurizing 1,20€/kg
Pasteurizing of berry juice 1,20€/kg