Cloudberry Birch Sap

Wellness drink

The jewel of Finnish wetlands is cloudberry that stands out with its nutritious values. Mixed with Nature Paavola’s Ecological Birch Sap it makes a festive drink that suits into many occasions due to its sophisticated taste. Cloudberry contains A-, C-, E, K-, and multiple B-vitamins, carotenoids and numerous traces.

Ecological birch sap

Wellness drink

Nature Paavola’s Ecological Birch Sap is an excellent thirst quencher that maintains your fluid balance even after a hard workout, helps you to recover, and cleanses your body from waste products. The best thing in this drink is that it is suitable for kids, youngsters, adults and elderly and is a Finnish and clean product.

Ecological Nettle Sap

Wellness drink

Nettle sap is a proper iron portion for the day! It makes you feel stronger since it has iron, silicon, A-, B-, C-, E- and K-vitamins. In addition, it contains nitrate, and therefore you can not enjoy more than one bottle of this drink a day. It works well as a recovering, cleansing and refreshing drink as enjoyed cold.

Ecological Rhubarb Sap with Honey

Wellness drink

Ecological rhubarb-honey birch sap drink sweetened with ecological honey. The rhubarb is from our, Nature Paavola’s organic farm.

This gently fresh drink pampers the stomach and cleanses the body, maintains the fluid balance and works as a recovering drink. Rhubarb contains C- and A-vitamins as well as oxalic acid, and is therefore not suitable for gout- or joint patients, neither for people with renal- nor gallstone problems.

Blueberry Birch Sap

Wellness drink

Forest blueberries are the gold nuggets of the Finnish forests. Together with our ecological birch sap it is a real treasure for the wellbeing, and the kids love it, too due to its gentle taste and to get those lovely blueberry moustaches.

Forest blueberries contain fibers, C-, K-, and E-vitamins, polyphenols and carotenoids. Together with ecological birch sap they make a good maintainer of fluid balance, cleanser of the body and a recovery drink even for the kids, that can enjoy it in their hobbies.

Lingonberry Birch Sap

Wellness drink

Suomen metsien pirteän raikas sydänystävä puolukka yhdistettynä Nature Paavolan luomukoivunmahlaan – siitä syntyy todellinen hyvinvoinnin lähde. Kylmänä nautittuna hyvä nestetasapainon säilyttäjä, kehon puhdistaja ja palauttava juoma. Kuumana nautittuna oiva auttaja flunssa kautena. Puolukka sisältää kuituja, rautaa, kivennäisaineita, C-,E-,K-vitamiineja.

Rhubarb birch sap

Wellness drink

Rhubarb birch sap is a sharply crispy refresher of early summer that brings a smile on your face. This drink functions as a cleanser of the body, helping the stomach work while maintaining the fluid balances good. It is an excellent choice as a recovery drink. This drink contains oxalic acid, and is therefore not suitable for gout- or joint patients, neither for people with renal- nor gallstone problems.

Buckthorn Birch Sap

Wellness drink

Crispy buckthorn is a finnish, clean berry. Together with Nature Paavola’s ecological birch sap this round flavor feast good for your general condition. This solar drink can be enjoyed every morning. It cheers you up and gives you energy for the day. It works well as a recovery drink and as a cleanser of the body and as a maintainer of the fluid balance. Taste wise, it is suitable for both adults and kids. Buckthorn contains C- and E-vitamins, omega 3-, 6- and 7-fatty acids.

All our drinks

Enjoy cold. Shake. Stays fresh 4 days after opening when refrigerated. The drink was hot worked to enhance preservability.