Team days and recreation packages

Wild herb/mushroom/berry trips: Duration 4-6 hours, 5-30 persons

  • We will get to know the wild herbs that our nearby nature offers, collect them and prepare a dish of them together.
  • We will go to the nearby forest to look for mushrooms with baskets and knives. At the same time, we get to see, what kinds of mushrooms grow in which forests.
  • Berry trips to the near forests and swamps. Simultaneously, we will talk about the forests and animals, and enjoy the miracles of nature.

Wildlife battle of chefs: Duration 4 hours, 5-20 persons

  • Teams will prepare dishes from given ingredients on an open fire. They are allowed to pick wild herbs from the surrounding terrain. You will have fun together and get new flavor experiences.

Trip to Arpainen: Duration 4-6 hours, 5-50 persons

- We will either hike to the Saarrilampi lean-to, where we will enjoy coffee by the fire and coffee bread.

- OR we will raise our heart rates on Kalevin kiekka and enjoy wildlife food by the fireplace of Arpaisten tupa. You can also bathe in Sauna, take your own equipment with you.

Forest golf: Duration 6 hours, 5-50 persons

  • We will start from Paavola and walk to Papinkangas via the Paavola route. There we will play golf and come back the same way to enjoy a meal in Paavola. It is a fun exercise in nature.

The trips include coffee and coffee bread, as well as a meal either wildlife-style or in Paavola's main room restaurant. We will agree about the servings and the trips separately with the customers.

In the wintertime, we arrange snowshoe trips, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, jig trips, and rabbit hunting.

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