Our Path

From love to the nature

The idea of a company matured for 35 years in its different forms. Ajatus yrityksestä kyti 35 vuotta eri muodoissaan. Already in the 18th century, we got the idea of putting up an agritourism company in Paavola, Vehu.

By 2010 the farm passed on to our sons, and thus the possibility for dreaming opened up again. We thought about things we could do in Paavola so that the old buildings would not get destroyed by time. Different ideas shifted from shiitake mushroom and arctic raspberry farming to breeding wild board and fallow deers but eventually we got awakened by the nature around us.

The fields grew great birch trees and wild herbs grew freely on the lands. We wanted to make the most of these natural resources in the best way possible, and so came the idea of an organic farm. We have been on this path ever since, and there is no going back.

The first production season started in January 2018, when we founded our family business. The production began with a couple of victuals containers and pipelines that we set up with numb fingers to the trees. We knew right away that we wanted to make flavored birch saps from local raw materials that combined the great taste of pure berries and plants mixed with birch sap.

We get new ideas for product development all the time. We aim to restore the old main building from the 1700-1800s for nature tourism. In the future, we want to offer peace, relaxation, and nature experiences with trips, fishing, hunting, and food. And a possibility to come and watch the sap run in the pipes in the springtime.