Welcome to our organic farm in the beautiful Vehunkylä of Soini! Here you can enjoy the peace and freedom of nature, far away from the rush of the everyday.

We offer a couple of trips for groups to enjoy, and the possibility to enjoy a meal by the campfire. On the trips you get to know the functions of our farm as well as the surrounding nature and the numerous possibilities it has to offer. Once hungry, a meal by the fire is a pleasure for your mind, as well as for your sense of taste. It is an experience for everyone, and you don’t want to miss it!

The forest around our farm offers a chance to go on your own trips as well, such as mountain biking and trekking. For an MTB -rider there are two different paths, one is 20kms and the other 30kms.

In addition, you can hike 10kms to Arpainen, where you can order a meal from us to enjoy by the campfire. For those of you traveling with kids, there is the possibility to drive your car right next to Arpainen, where you can walk together a short path to the place itself.

The trips and services we offer are the following:

Ecological farm tour:

Contents: A guided tour on our farm + birch sap tasting
Running time: about 2-3h, depending on the group size
Price: 5€ /person

Group size: 10-50 persons

Herb tour:

Contents: A guided tour in the immediate surroundings of our farm. We learn together about different herbs and their usage. In addition, you have the possibility to order coffee and nettle pancakes by the campfire for a small extra cost. Please take in notice your clothing regarding the weather, and a basket for the herbs.
Running time: 3hours
Price: 10€/person. Coffee and nettle pancakes 6€/person

Group size: 5-15 persons

Meal in the woods:

Contents: A mealtime by the campfire with the food of your own desire. For example, flamed salmon, charcoal-grilled potatoes and a variety of different bundles.
Price: Discussed according to your needs. Choose a meal you like and ask for an offer.