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Nature Paavola offers peace, relaxation and nature experiences through empowering natural products, trips, fishing and delicious food. 

From nature with love! 

Nature offers a wide range of treats for us, of which we at Nature Paavola produce our products. From our grounded berries and herb salts to our "life's elixir" -birch sap, these nature's treats boost your energy and add a bit of deliciousness to your everyday life. Let's enjoy this natural power together! 

With love to you

Our story

The idea of starting this company smoldered for 35 years in different forms. In the 90s we already had the idea of founding an agritourism company in Paavola, Vehu. 

During the 2010s the the grounds were passed on to our sons, allowing us to start dreaming about the idea again. We thought about things we could do in Paavola to avoid the old buildings from being destroyed by time. We had different ideas ranging from farming shiitake mushrooms and arctic raspberries to breeding wild board and fallow deer, but what eventually awakened us was the nature surrounding us. 

The fields surrounding the farm grew great birch trees and wild herbs grew freely on the grounds. We wanted to make the most of these amazing natural resources, and so came the idea of an organic farm. We have been on this path ever since, and there is no going back.

The first farming season started in 2018, the same year we founded our family business. We began the production with just a couple of food containers and piping that was installed to the trees with benumbed fingers. It was clear for us from the very beginning that we wanted to turn the local raw materials into flavored sap drinks that combined the clean deliciousness of berries and plants with birch sap. 

We get new ideas for product development continuously. We have restored the old main building built in 1700-1800s for nature tourism. Today we offer peace, relaxation and nature experiences through trips, fishing, hunting, and food - and of course the possibility to come and see how the sap runs through the pipes in the springtime.  

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