Birch sap, wild herbs, berry groats, herb salts

Birch saps 

Birch sap drinks are excellent thirst quenchers that boost your wellbeing while cleansing your body and helping you recover from stress. Read more

Sparkling birch sap; rhubarb-meadowsweet  

Fresh, unique and sophisticated novelty for the whole family! 

Organic birch sap

Wellness drink. A thirst quencher that maintains your fluid balance even after a tough workout, helping you to recover and detox.

Suitable for people of all ages. 

Cloudberry birch sap

Wellness drink. The jewel of Finnish swamps that stands out with its nutritional value. Mixed with our organic birch sap makes it a festive drink suitable for different occasions due to its sophisticated taste. Cloudberries contain A-, C-, E-, K-, and multiple B-vitamins, carotenoids, and numerous minerals. 

Organic rhubarb & honey birch sap 

Wellness drink. Organic rhubarb from our farm sweetened with organic honey. This gentle and fresh drink pampers the stomach and cleanses the body while maintaining the fluid balance, making it a great recovery drink.

Please note that rhubarb contains C- and A-vitamins along with oxalic acid making it unsuitable for those suffering from gout- or joint issues, and renal- or gallstone problems.  

Buckthorn birch sap

Wellness drink. Sea-buckthorn is a crisp and clean berry, which together with our organic birch sap offers a round-flavored taste experience that is good for maintaining your health. This drink cheers you up and boosts your energy for the day. It serves as a great recovery drink and cleanses your body while helping you maintain your fluid balance. This drink is suitable for people of all ages, taste-wise. Sea-buckthorn contains C- and E-vitamins, omega 3-, 6-, and 7-fatty acids.

Rhubarb birch sap

Wellness drink. A sour and fresh refresher for early summer, bringing a smile to your face. This drink serves as a detox helping your digestive system function well while keeping your fluid balance at an optimal level. An excellent choice for a recovery drink.

This drink contains oxalic acid and is therefore not suitable for those suffering from gout or joint issues, or renal- and gallstone problems. 

Lingonberry birch sap

Wellness drink. The fresh and perky lingonberry mixed with our organic birch sap makes for a true source of wellbeing. Detoxing, cleansing, recovering and balancing effect when served cold.

An excellent help during the flu season when served hot. Lingonberries are rich in fiber, iron, minerals, and C-, E-, and K-vitamins.

Bilberry birch sap

Wellness drink. Wild forest blueberries are the gold nuggets of the woods of Finland. Mixed with our organic birch sap, it's a true elixir for health. Due to its gentle taste it is loved by children, too, and makes a great recovery drink for people of all ages.

Forest blueberries are rich in fiber, C-, K-, and E-vitamins, polyphenols and carotenoids. 

Organic kettlebirch sap

Boost your energy with iron-rich nettle sap! In addition to iron, nettles include silicon, A-, B-, C-, E- and K-vitamins helping you recover, refresh and detox when served cold.

This product contains nitrate, and it's recommended to consume no more than 1 bottle per day.

(made to order) 

Our sap drinks consist of sap and 100% cold-pressed domestic juice. Enjoy cold. Shakable. Keeps in the fridge for 4 days when opened. The drinks are heat-treated to improve shelf life.

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Kuusen Kuiske - Spruce shoot drink

A well-being drink, 0,35 l

Nutrient- and vitamin-rich spruce shoot drink contains vitamins A and C, minerals and antioxidants. Enjoy cold or hot. Concentrated juice, mixing ratio 1:3


Berry Groats 

Bilberry Groats

The blueberry groats Includes pulp alongside the skin- and seed parts.

Raspberry Groats

The raspberry groats includes pulp alongside skin- and seed parts.

Lingonberry Groats 

The lingonberry groats includes pulp alongside skin- and seed parts. 

Cranberry Groats

The cranberry groats includes pulp alongside skin- and seed parts.

Note that the availability of our berry grouts may depend on the crop!

Wild Herbs

White clover 20g

Red clover 20g

Raspberry leaves 20g

Lady mantle leaves and flowers 20g

Nettle leaves and seeds 20g-25g

Meadowsweet flowers 20g

Rosebay willowherb leaves and flowers 20g

Wild strawberry leaves and berries 20g

Lovage grout

Juniper berry annual shoot and berries (powder) 20g

Spruce tip powder 20g

Birch leaves 50g

Yarrow leaves and flowers 10g

Rowan leaves and berries 20g

Lingonberry powder/ground 100g

Bilberry powder/ground 100g

Dandelion leaves, flowers, and roots 20g-100g

Chaga mushroom powder

Chaga mushroom tea: Add 1 tsp of chaga mushroom powder in half a liter of water. Boil on low heat for 20 - 80 minutes, until the ingredients of the chaga mushroom dissolve in the water.


Wild Herb Salt 30 g

Nettle 11 g, yarrow's leaves 2 g, lovage 2 g, salt 15 g

Funnel Wafer Salt 30 g

Funner wafer 15 g, salt 15 g

Spruce Tip Salt 30 g

Spruce tips 15 g, salt 15 g

Jams and jellies

Cloudberry jam

conteins plenty of berries

100 ml

Fireweed jelly

A delightful taste

100 ml