Workplace wellbeing 

Wellbeing from nature

Workplace wellbeing -days

Wild herb/mushroom/ berry picking trips: duration 4-6 hours, 5-30 people 

  • Get to know the wild herbs growing around the grounds, forage them and prepare a meal out of them together with us.
  • Grab a knife and a basket and explore the surrounding woods for mushrooms!
  • Come berry picking with us to the surrounding forests and swamps and learn more about the woods and their animals while enjoying the wonders of nature.

Nature cookout battle: duration 5 hours, 5-20 people

  • The teams prepare meals from given ingredients and wild herbs on open fire. Prepare for a fun group activity with new and interesting culinary experiences!

Trip to Arpainen: duration 4-6 hours, 5-50 people

  • Take a hike with us to Saarilampi's leant-to shelter to enjoy campfire coffee and coffee bread.
  • OR, put your sports-mode on at Kalevi's Kiekka and enjoy camp food at a campfire site near Arpainen's hut. There's also a sauna that you can use - just bring your personal equipment with you.

Forest golf: duration: 6 hours, 5-50 people

  • The trip starts from Paavola and continues on to Papinkangas via the Paavola route, where the golf game will be played, before returning back to enjoy a meal in Paavola. A fun exercise in the great outdoors!

The trips include complimentary coffee and coffee bread, as well as a meal either out in the wild, or at Paavola's restaurant. We will agree on the details and servings with each customer separately.

In the wintertime, we offer snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, ice fishing, and rabbit hunting.

We have spots for camper vans, caravans and tents in the farm's grounds. There's also space for a few people to sleep in the attic of the house, also during the winter. Please inform us if you would like to spend the night, this is possible for a small fee

ASK FOR AN OFFER, Tiina tel. 040 562 3604/ Ari tel. 040 561 9609