Trips and excursions

Enjoy nature!

Trips and excursions


Come, see, experience, and learn about this genuine elixir of nature. Hear the farm's interesting story and have a coffee in Paavola's hut.


Let's go to the lake to catch a perch. Fishing trips are always tailored according to the time and number of people. 

Organized in winter time.


Let's take a hike to Saarilammi's shelter, or go around the Kalevi circuit. 

We enjoy soot pot coffee and a bun, or we enjoy a packed lunch in the countryside. 

Duration 4-6 h, 5-50 people


European hare/ forest hare, game birds and deer and elk hunts

Hunts are always little thrill plays in the forest, in the fields, on the beaches or in the marshes.

Hunts are always guided and closely pre-planned. Safety comes first.

For the trip, you either bring your own packed lunch or you can order a lunch by the campfire.

Participants must have the necessary permits; these will be checked before the start of the hunt.

Participants must bring their own equipment, weapon and weapons permits. Also, the necessary shooting tests (moose, bear) must be completed.

Please dress in hunting outfit and wear shoes suitable for terrain.

Bring a good hunting spirit with you. It's always nice to be in good company.


Forest golf with forest equipment in a pine forest. Experience something unique and fun!

We go walking from Paavola (approx. 1.5 km) to Papinkangas where there is a forest golf course in the pine forest.

Depending on the size of the group, we play either as individuals or as teams. Bats and balls are provided by the house. We will return the same route back to Paavola where we enjoy delicious meal.

Please dress in preparation for all weather and we recommend wearing high boots.


Wild herbs from early summer, mushrooms, and berries in autumn from swamps and forests.

Wild herbs can be found in our yard. We get to know and learn to identify some delicious plants and we prepare something to eat from them together and enjoy our achievements.

Mushroom excursions in autumn. We pick and identify the picked mushrooms; everyone gets to keep the catch.

Upon reservation, we can also prepare tasty food from picked mushrooms.

Berry excursions to forests and swamps.

You will learn to recognize the terrains where certain berries are found and get new ideas to utilize berries for cooking.

On the trip you will hear local stories and get to know different types of forests. You may also see animals and you can hug trees in complete peace.

During the excursion we will enjoy packed lunch outdoors.

Please dress in preparation for all weather and we recommend wearing high, waterproof boots.


A playful open fire chef challenge in the forest for teams.

The teams prepare food with the provided tools and ingredients. You can also pick wild herbs from the terrain. Have fun with your team and prepare delicacies using your own creativity.

Please dress in preparation for all weather

Our passion is to offer wonderful, memorable experiences in nature.